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The Twisted Special:

Stayin’ Twisted this Summer
Spa pedi & mani : $45
Facial: $40

Keeping the Twisted Look:

We at Twisted Hair Shop know keeping your hair looking live and healthy can be a challenge. We wanted to give you a few ways to keep your hair looking just like you want it!

1. Do you have thick hair and lingering headaches? They could be connected! Try having one of our stylists layer your hair; it will eliminate the extra bulk and make your head feel a lot lighter.
2. Never wash your hair every day! Hair contains natural oils that are stripped by over washing.
3. If number two seems to be an issue because you’re hair gets oily, don’t fret; both baby powder and dry shampoo will eliminate that extra oil.
4. Are you struggling with dandruff? Relax! Swing by our salon and pick up a bottle of Tea Tree Shampoo.
5. Do you find yourself standing in the isle looking at all the different shampoo options? We personally recommend Redken Farouk, otherwise known as Chi or Paul Mitchell. Both will leave your hair looking fresh, shiny, and of course, ‘twisted’!

If you need more advice with your hair, or are just looking for a new stylist, swing by today. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment and to give you an overview of what we can offer!